Gartner has recenty predicted that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today. CIOs will increasingly leverage a multitude of cloud computing providers across the entire IT stack to enable a huge variety of use cases and meet the requirements of their business unit peers. Indeed, the tides are shifting toward a “cloud-first” or even “cloud-only” policy... 

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Cloud Startup: Zuora – Helping Businesses Shift To Subscription-Based Sales

Startup Zuora: Helping Businesses Shift To Subscription-Based Sales Via Their SaaS AndThe Cloud

Over the years, there has been an evolution of how companies sell products; especially as companies are building new business models to reflect the changing commerce world with online sales and such. Seeing as startups are building from the ground up integrating a new platform can be easier, especially with the various models out there today, such as Dropbox and Netfilx. However, for those businesses that have been running for decades, changing their long used SAP or Oracle run programs to the more widely-used subscriptions based scheme can be complex.  From switching decades of client data between platforms, to assisting employees and customers with the change, depending on how large the company, the change can seem overwhelming. However, altering one’s platform to evolve with the market is essential for survival. That is where startup Zuora comes in!


Zuora is a newer, yet successful company that has been assisting businesses transition from the traditional sales- one item at a time- to the more commonly used subscription –based sales for the past five years. Their client base includes businesses such as Pearson, Zendesk, Dell, Box, Vnumedia and more.

Zuora was created back in 2007 by entrepreneur Tien Tzuo. Since its start, the company has reeled over $130 million in funding, $50 million of which was raised in September. Zuora has brought on board new investors including Northgate Capital, Vulcan Capital and Next World Capital. On top of building capital, the startup itself has grown significantly including nearly doubling their employee base, totaling to around three hundred staff.

It isn’t just about transitioning, Zuora offers an all inclusive software as a service, or SaaS. The product assists with selling, billing and reports.  Zuora’s cloud-based tools allow clients of all sizes to build, scale and maintain their subscribers continually with ease. Zuora works with various fields of specialty including telecom, healthcare, cloud services and media.

Zuora’s platforms are built for two different business types: high growth and enterprise.  With the high growth platform, also known as Z-Business Growth, clients have tools for e-commerce and proportionately sized sales assistance. Zuora also helps their clients compile customer information, such as credit card data and other billing data, along with subscription data to create automated recurring billing and renewal for the client’s customers. Zuora’s Enterprize platform assists clients in a similar way just on a much larger scale with more complex capabilities. Both Zuora’s Z Business and Z Enterprise offer a free trial to new customers.

The Zuora team in continually upgrading and altering their platform to best suit the needs of their clients. Zuora’s website shows new platform features, currently 2013 Q3, along with previous features, 2013 Q1 and Q2. They offer demos and detailed information on how subscription commerce is flourishing.

By Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake

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