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Gamification Garners Interest At October 22 Online VMware Forum

Gamification garners Interest at October 22 Online VMware Forum


Participants in the Online VMware Forum to be held on October 22 will have the opportunity to earn Cloud Cred points and win prizes while learning how to radically simplify IT infrastructure across the datacenter to the virtual workspace in this free online event. As computing through the cloud becomes a bigger part of IT management globally, having Cloud Cred can only increase your value to your organization.

More than the points and other gamification rewards that participants can earn through CloudCred, however, the VMware Forum is all about building team environments for the virtualization of the datacenter.

By using a virtualized environment to produce and host the event, VMware, parent company EMC, and the other partner sponsors will enable cloud professionals to convene, communicate, experiment, and learn about the latest developments in cloud computing without the expense and bother of travel.

The immersive virtualized environment will feature exhibits concerning all the key elements of cloud computing and how they are developing. These include a 3D virtual environment with interactive booths staffed by VMware partners. Product experts will be available to guide participants through VMware products using a hands-on lab environment that was launched at VMworld. Demonstrating the capabilities of virtualization in a virtualized environment is clearly raising the bar for cloud-based professional educational events.

Regardless of their location, IT professionals will be able to test virtualization solutions and interact with virtualization experts without the installation of any software on their own machines. For those who are interested in going beyond the introductory sessions, sponsors will also be hosting so-called “technical deep dives” as live breakout sessions.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Online VMware Forum is the opportunity to meet and network with others who are pushing the virtualization envelope. Given that IT professionals are too often isolated in their datacenters, set apart from others in their workplace, connecting with peers at an event like this can lead to career opportunities within and beyond one’s current organization. That’s where the gamification and Cloud Cred come in.

VMware designs its conferences to ensure that people connect and stay connected. At the recent event in San Francisco, CloudTweaks spoke to many attendees who commented favorably on how well the conference encouraged networking and team building.

For the virtualized event on October 22, the agenda includes sessions on vSphere and vCloud Suite, Virtualization Management, Virtualization 101, Cloud Management, End User Computing, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Public and Hybrid Cloud, Networking and Storage, Virtualizing Applications, and Tier 1 Applications.

Link to information and registration details for this free event here.

By T.M.Hawley

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