Four Trends and Realities Confronting Security Today

Realities Confronting Security Today, the number of attempted data breaches, cyber attacks, and other bad behavior by bad actors continues to go up at an alarming rate. Worse, it’s clear we can only expect the problem to get worse, not…

Cloud Startup: Illumio – The Cloud Security Startup

Illumio – The Cloud Security Startup That Is Sure To Make Some Noise


Whispers are flying around the web of a cloud security startup with all the right building blocks. That startup is none other than Illumio from Santa Clara, which was launched in January of this year. Considering the immense growth and popularity of cloud usage and storage, it is no wonder why so many search for a cloud service with high functionality, as well as top of the line security. That may be why so many are intrigued about what’s to come from Illumio, the startup that is revealing so little about their specific endeavors and company goals. This, of course, will eventually be revealed once the company comes out of stealth mode. Though, when that is supposed to take place is anyone’s guess.

What is known is that its foundation is solid; with much expertise behind its creation. The team, along with other cloud experts, is hoping that Illumio can indeed reduce, if not eliminate, the many security challenges of cloud utilization and storage.

So, who makes up the Illumio team? It has been told that the foundation of Illumio is strong. From their founders to their VC backup, Illumio has the brilliance to do amazing things with both cloud technology and the security expertise to uphold it. Illumio founders Andrew Rubin, PJ Kirner and Alan Stokol have years of experience with companies such as Cymtec Systems, Juniper and Hewlett-Packard. The three are joined by experts Alan Cohen, now Illumio’s lead commercial officer and Ben Verghese, Illumio’s engineering VP, along with a handful or two of other experts in the field of cloud and security technology.

Illumio is backed by big time VC’s including Juniper’s own, Junos Innovation Fund, and Andreessen Horowitz; who is well known for their assistance with startups such as GitHub, Groupon, FourSquare, Instagram, Lookout and many more. Thus far, since their launch in January, Illumio has reeled in over $42 million in funding through two funding events: one in January, bringing in $8 million and the other in September, which gathered over $34 million. Obviously until this startup is released from silence we will not exactly where the monies are being utilized.

It is unclear as to whether the company’s focus will be solely on cloud security or whether it will encompass cloud services with high end security intertwined; Illumio’s website give us clues such as “Virtualization,” “Cloud,” and “Security,” however, those are the only hints we have to go on at the moment. Stay tuned for more information about this promising, sturdy founding startup that is Illumio.

By Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake

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