Connecting With Customers In The Cloud

Customers in the Cloud Global enterprises in every industry are increasingly turning to cloud-based innovators like Salesforce, ServiceNow, WorkDay and Aria, to handle critical systems like billing, IT services, HCM and CRM. One need look no further than Salesforce’s and…

Cloud Infographic: The Past, Present & Future Of Data Storage

Cloud Infographic: Past, Present & Future Of Data Storage

Over the past few weeks we’ve posted some excellent history/evolution themed infographics such as: “The Evolution Of Big Data” , “The History Of Managed Service Providers“, “The History Of Security” and now an excellent infographic found over at Mozy called: “The Past, Present & Future Of Data Storage…”

You may also like to read a recent guest post by Claire Broadley which provides some good insight into the top 5 cloud data storage myths.


Infographic Source: Mozy


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