Small Businesses CAN Compete Using The Cloud

Small Businesses Cloud In the past, small business owners had to either run applications or software that was downloaded physically onto a computer. Not only was this process pricey, it’s now a relic of the past that can put your…

Cloud Infographic – The State Of Enterprise Crowdsourcing

Cloud Infographic – The State Of Enterprise Crowdsourcing

Enterprise crowdsourcing leverages the human intelligence of the crowd to help organizations efficiently and accurately tackle their Big Data projects. From sentiment analysis and image moderation to customer record enrichment and content creation, businesses continue to find new ways to use the crowd.

Included is a very useful and well designed infographic provided by CrowdFlower that helps explain how/who uses the crowd.

The State of Enterprise Crowdsourcing INFOGRAPHIC_001

Infographic Source: CrowdFlower


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