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Cloud Startup – Adallom, Bringing Security Exclusively To SaaS Businesses

Cloud Startup – Adallom, Bringing Security Exclusively To SaaS Businesses


Startup Adallom Goes Public After 18 Months Of Private Beta 

Tal Klein, VP of marketing for the newest security specialist startup, Adallom, says that after eighteen months of beta testing, clients have urged Adallom to go public; so, public they are going. As of this Tuesday the 12th of November, Adallom will begin offering public services to businesses that specialize in software as a service or SaaS. These past eighteen months have helped Adallom engineer what they consider the first premier SaaS security technology, and while they have gained a significant number of private clients during their stealth era, they are now making things official by opening their doors to the community.

A little background.

Adallom was formally founded in 2011 by a team of security specialists formerly with Israel’s cyber intelligence division. With each of their founders having an extensive background in information security, they have been able to seek out and solve SaaS’s previously most unresolved security challenges; and that, says Klein, starts with a company’s migration onto the cloud.

In December 2012, Adallom reeled in significant backing from Sequoia in the amount of $4.5 million dollars. Thus far, Sequoia is the sole financial backer of Adallom.

So, what type of security does Adallom provide, exactly?

Klein explains that Adallom “fills the security gaps that get created when companies adopt SaaS applications.” Klein continues to explain that companies such as Salesforce and Box are immensely secure while operating; the security challenges occur most during the company’s initial migration to the Cloud and as employees seek to utilize the SaaS applications on various, unmanaged devises off company premises. Adallom tightens security for their clients by monitoring employee behavior and building profiles based on individual usage. Building a user profile includes tracking commonly used devices, locations, as well as even tracking which browsers are common for each individual employee and time frame usages. This allows Adallom to ‘red flag’ any uncommon behaviors such as logging into unknown devices or logging in from an unrecognized location. Adallom can even recognize if an employee is logging in during a time frame that is usual for that individual or through a browser that is generally used by that employee; thus tightening end point controls and parameter controls.

If and when Adallom notices a breach or irregularity, the team flags and tracks it so as to analyze it further. Also, rather than completely blocking an irregularity, Adallom endeavors to differentiate between an authorized user and an unapproved one. In addition, Adallom is capable of tracking breached usage to ensure that future attempts are not made.

Klein states that Adallom will be out of beta and open to the public as of this Tuesday; offering services strictly to SaaS businesses.

By Glenn Blake

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