PS4: Hype Or Reality

PS4: Hype Or Reality


The wait is finally finished; the release of the PS4 is this Thursday at midnight!  Sony PS4 has had quite a bit of attention over the past few months all due to this cloud enhanced gaming console. The release is going to be an epic

event for all gamers. Many cities across the United States have begun to have people converge into a line for the midnight release. Sony is hosting an event in New York and has extra PS4 games. It has many of the top game sites having countdown counters to the day of the launch, such as on game spot . The hype around the new Sony game system is brewing to an all new height of curiosity. The questions being asked most has to do with can a game console be this good or is it too good to be true?

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The prediction is that this game console is one of the hottest items on all Christmas lists. It is set to do record breaking sells all across the world. But, is all this hype worth it just for a video game console? The answer will be answered when many gamers who have waited all night in a line at different stores gets the Sony PS4 home and plays for the first time. Sony is launching the PS4 at a loss but will recoup with the end of the year holiday sales of the game console. Sony PS4 sells is expected to be in the millions by the end of the year. Sony PS4 will have a fantastic start to the new year if all predictions of the sales of the game console turn out to be true.

Sometimes the hype of a new product can hurt, but the reality will not be known to full affect until after this release launch weekend.

PS4 gives a new idea to the fun of gaming by providing better user interface and offers the best graphics for all gamers. This is a wonderfully modern shaped console with easy set-up and game play availability. Many gamers have listened to the hype and are getting ready to celebrate the reality of physically playing the video game console. Follow the updates on the PS4 launch at Sony PS4 will be amazing if it lives up to all the hype. If it fails to live up to the hype, then the dreary reality will set in and the sales of Sony PS4 will show it. The positive feedback of those who have gotten a first look and tested a Sony PS4 has been nothing but extraordinary. This is the future of the cloud based video game console and the future is bright.

By  Tiffini Taylor

(Image Source: Gamestop)

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