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Cloud Infographic: Cross-Platform Malware

Beware of Computer Malware: The Cross-Platform Problem 

There was a time where you could safely assume a portable drive hooked onto to a windows PC wouldn’t be able to transfer some strain of malware to a MAC system. Most viruses were a match made in heaven for Windows, and MACs were getting none of that action. Things have changed, however. We’re now faced with cross-platform threats such as Koobface, the story of which has been illustrated in the following infographic. Malware such as Koobface is only a tiny part of a much larger botched up security puzzle. One way to stay safe is by ensuring that data is regularly sent off to a cloud based backup/recovery account.  Here are a number of other ways to keep your data safe.

Attached is an infographic provided courtesy of the group over at MobiStealth.


Infographic Source:  MobiStealth

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