Moving To The Cloud: A Smart Move Or Proceed With Caution?

Moving To The Cloud You hear it over and over again: The future of computing is in the cloud. Businesses should be moving to the cloud. If you’re not in the cloud, you’re behind the times. But trusting your essential…

Understanding The Future Of Big Data – E-commerce, Healthcare, Charities And More…

Understanding The Future Of Big Data – E-commerce, Healthcare, Charities And More…

There’s been a ton of talk about big data and its use over the past year. While many still aren’t quite sure how best to use the copious amounts of information gathered, many persist that it is of great importance. The question remains, will this big data hype continue on through 2014 or will its significance die out?


One of the greater users of big data up to this point has been commerce companies, especially ecommerce; utilizing client online shopping behavior to target and up-sell, and thus increasing prosperity. Even with commerce companies being on top of the list for this big data excitement many others genera of businesses take part in its utilization including most big institutions, universities and even those in health care.

Considering the great amount of data that is collected on a yearly basis and the value that has been placed on such information, it stands to reason that this hype will not die out any time soon. One of the fastest evolving fields of technology from the good old pen and paper to the use of tablets and other on the go technologies is that of the healthcare systems. With each health care required registration that includes pages upon pages of personal information from each patient, it is no wonder why there has been a push for significant technology upgrades and why the price tag of nearly a trillion dollars has been stamped on the info the field collects.

Another field on the rise for getting mixed up in big data is that of philanthropy. There are nearly 2 million nonprofits running worldwide and while philanthropists are eager to also utilize the vast amounts of big data already circulating to target potential donors, the donation process thus far has come with a great sense of anonymity. Other than those few who tweet or post about their recent charitable behaviors on Facebook, it may be difficult to gather useful data on what drives donors to contribute and what attracts donors to particular charities, as much of the information gathered by other companies is usually kept quite confidential in the realm of philanthropy. However, just as other security measures can be breached, so can online donation information. It may just be that the use of big data in philanthropy is permanently changed for the future.

With the current value we have on big data, we will see a definite rise in its collection and use in the upcoming months. What is unclear is how long this data excitement will last; this of course will run alongside the value at which we put on such information.

By Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.

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