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Many Changes In The Realm Of Cloud Security For 2014

When thinking about information security you may jump straight to the Snowden leaks of 2013. However, this isn’t the only security troubles from last year we can remember. Keep in mind that there were security breaches coming from all over the world, such as the claims of a particular Chinese based group, where information was being snatched from well over a hundred U.S. based organizations. Breaches such as these are pushing world-wide companies, big and small, into spending massive amounts in 2014. Unfortunately, these events are also driving up world-wide competition for cloud service providers (CSP), as well; leading companies that are interested in moving to the cloud away from the U.S.

As you might have already heard, Gartner suggests that security spending will surpass $3 billion by 2015. With that said, it is to be sure that security focused startups will also be on the rise. In fact, top venture capitalists from around the world expect that security startups will be a leading growth sector for this year.

Just a couple of security startups to look for this year include an Andreessen Horowitz supported company called CipherCloud and Bromiom, also supported by Horowitz. While CipherCloud focuses on securing the data itself with its Cloud Information Protection product, Bromium endeavors to secure the end user hardware with its Bromium Microvisor technology.

This year will not be solely about new startups, though; many will merge their products in order to ensure security goals and their survival. One such recent merger includes California based FireEye and D.C. based Mandiant. The two security experts focus on different aspects of information security and together provide a well rounded security product. Though, they have been working together over the years to bring top quality security, the two will now become one.

It is to be sure that there will be many changes this year with regard to cloud computing security. Some changes are easily predicted, such as the enhancement and use of data encryption for all pre-transit, in transit and post transit data, as well as the massive increase in global security budgeting. Other changes we have yet to witness as the year passes by, which will be depicted by the various security obstacles we face this year.

By Glenn Blake

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