Russia Accused Of Hacking Hundreds Of Companies Worldwide

Russia Accused Of Hacking Hundreds Of Companies Worldwide

US Cyber Security firm CrowdStrike has accused Russia of hacking hundreds of companies worldwide. This is the first time Russia has been brought up in the hacking debate, sparking a new possible enemy in the espionage war. China has been well documented as one of the most prolific governments for hacking and espionage, after reports in 2013 pointed to a series of attacks on Google and several other cloud computing infrastructure companies working with the US.

It looks like Russia is taking some of China’s national pride and has started to hack and obtain information on various European, North American and Asian companies. The attacks seem to be an offensive to make sure their own national companies continue to gain market share worldwide.

Industry leaders in areas like manufacturing, construction, energy, defense and technology were targeted. Before CrowdStrike, no other company had come out and identified Russia as a threat, but the cyber-security firm is confident in its claims.

CrowdStrike has followed the movements of the Russian government for some time now, building their case named “Energetic Bear” for two years. Interestingly, CrowdStrike has declined to go into detail about the victims of the attacks, stating it would break confidentiality agreements.

As cyber security goes this is a really big opener, not only has China been active in the online battle, but Russia may have also been hacking and maliciously attacking hundreds of companies, to try and give their own the competitive advantage.

CrowdStrike works with partners to stop malicious attacks and sells software capable of blocking or at least fending off attacks. The company offers threat detection and activity monitoring services, making sure they spot attacks and can find out who is sending them.

We are still curious to see what the United States and other governments will say about these claims, especially if proven true. Russia has obviously been a big face for the past century, but in the last thirty years they have toned down their voice and consolidated the loss of Communism.

In the new digital age, we may see both China and Russia actively try and beat out other companies, to make sure their own succeed. Russia’s attacks do seem more nationally motivated, while China’s looked to be more about finding weak spots in the U.S. economy.

By Walter Bailey

(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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