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Cloud News Round Up – February 2nd

Cloud news weekly roundup


HP To Provide Cloud Computing to UK Educational Institutions – It seems that essays and study schedules aren’t the only thing that higher and further educational institutes are up to in the UK, as large amounts of both student and curriculum-related data has necessitated the need for cloud computing to store it all. The UK education industry administrative systems supplier has hand-picked HP to provide the cloud storage service, covering more than 150 Further Education colleges and over 100 Higher Education universities, meaning that thousands of UK students will be involved in cloud tech in some way. The deal has already been signed between HP Enterprise Services and UNIT4 Business Software, meaning that the service could be rolled out in the UK soon.

IBM Unveil Cloud-Based HR Service – The news that Lenovo have bought some of IBM’s low-end servers to power their cloud offerings may still be fresh in the media’s eyes and headlines but now, it seems that even with this sale, IBM themselves are not looking to ditch cloud tech altogether, recently unveiling the ‘IBM Kenexa Talent Suite’. Powered by the cloud, the Kenexa Talent Suite allows Human Resource departments and hiring managers to have a greater knowledge about their employees’ feelings and thoughts. Kenexa helps HR put together stats from across social, big data and analytical lines from places social media sites and it can even offer up more info about work experience, letting companies hire more efficiently, being able to find better suited workers or to just help them in promoting employees that they already have, features which could make the Kenexa Talent Suite an incredibly useful business tool.

CloudLock Secure $16.5 Million in Funding – CloudLock, a business that adds security to your data even when you upload it into the cloud, has just successfully raised $16.5 million in a recent round of funding. The funding is said to allow CloudLock to hire more employees, expanding its current workforce of 52 people, as well as letting them expand into new markets, which will perhaps bring even more cloud data safety to our phones and computers than CloudLock have brought users previously.

By Jennifer Livingstone

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