Cloud News Round Up – February 5th


Microsoft Appoints New, Cloud-Focused CEO – It’s been a headline maker for months, as many media outlets have been asking the question of ‘who will be Microsoft’s next CEO?’, with these articles analyzing who would be best to lead Microsoft into an era where tablets are as much of a must have item as their own Windows-running PCs. That person is Satya Nadella, recently picked to head up the company and most interestingly about Microsoft’s new boss, he was also one the key figures who got Microsoft into the cloud. What Nadella’s appointment could mean is that Microsoft will put more of a focus on SaaS technology, with some suggestions being that he could take Microsoft’s Xbox brand and find a way to add game streaming – via the cloud – to their new console, the Xbox One. (Image Source: Microsoft)

Comcast to Launch X1 DVR With Cloud Technology – It is no secret that even the biggest cable television providers are losing out on customers and sales due to cloud streaming services such as Netflix and LOVEFiLM. In an effort to combat this, Comcast have now announced that they will launch their ‘X1 DVR’, which is set to offer users usage of the cloud. Xfinity TV customers, whom the X1 DVR will be available to, will be able to stream TV shows within their homes, as well as being able to use the cloud to watch their DVR recordings on their mobile devices and computers via Comcasts’ IP network. The X1 DVR also reportedly allows users to download their DVR recordings via the help of the cloud, allowing them to watch their shows even when they aren’t connected to the Internet. The service is currently available to Comcast customers in Boston.

Intel To Begin Providing Cloud Tech Certification – Getting into cloud technology, even in 2014, can be a risky business, as despite the world currently existing in a time where we are beginning to understand and accept new-fangled technologies rather than shunning them on a basis of non-understanding, people are still vary much wary of the ‘big data banks in the sky’. As a result, Intel, who are a well recognised and well trusted brand across the globe, have come up with a solution. The computing company will now begin to offer ‘Powered by Intel Cloud Technology’ badges to those cloud service providers who take part in Intel’s Cloud Technology Program, a visible endorsement which could perhaps see more people sign up to cloud tech in the long run.

By Jennifer Livingstone

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