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How Do The IT Giants Stack Up?

How do the IT giants stack up?


We’ve talked about how cloud computing is changing our everyday lives. How you use your phone, your game console, even your computer or email has changed for the better, and all thanks to cloud computing. If you don’t yet have a cloud storage account, here’s an overview comparing the three major solutions from the three major players in the IT world: Microsoft, Google and the mighty, Dropbox.

Google Drive

Google’s product is seamlessly integrated with everything with your other Google Services, making it a favorite among Android users. You get 15 GB for free to start you off, and if you should need more than that you can buy packages starting from 100GB for $4.99 a month. Photos stored in Google+ will not count towards your basic 15GB storage, and you can store as many as you want at 2048px. A versatile, easy to use service with a lot of integration options, and free for the most part. Definitely one of the top contenders.


This is another wildly popular cloud storage solution which has drawn in a ton of fans due to its simple inner workings and its large storage space. Dropbox starts by offering you just 2 GB for free, and while that’s relatively small, it does give you the option of increasing that space for free. You can get up to 16 GB more by referring some of your friends to Dropbox, and you can a Pro account which gives you 100 GB, 200 GB or 500 GB extra. What’s more, you can even get some special stuff from Dropbox – for instance, when activating my Samsung phone and tablet I had the pleasant surprise of receiving 50 GB from each, making my total storage space well over 115 GB. Dropbox can also back up your photos and has apps for both iOS and Android. Another one of the crowd favorites right here.

Microsoft OneDrive

Formerly SkyDrive, Microsoft’s solution has a huge strong point in the fact that it can natively sync your files from your Windows PC without the need of any additional software installed. It also has apps for iOS, Android… and Windows Phone – another strong suite being the fact that it also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s mobile operating system. You get 7 GB for free when signing up (which used to be 25 GB when SkyDrive was first launched), but you get 3 GB more when you activate the auto backup feature. For Windows users, and Windows Phone users in particular, this is a great option.

That being said, these are the three major contenders in the cloud storage wars. We’ll take a closer look into other solutions in the future and see if there’s any contender looking to topple the guys at the top.

By Andrei Maguleanu

(Infographic Source: WebpageFX)

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