How Gaming Has Adapted And Adopted The Cloud

How gaming has adapted and adopted the cloud

If you follow the gaming scene in its entirety, you have undoubtedly noticed some changes over the past few months. The major change on the gaming scene has undoubtedly been the arrival of the next gen consoles, after years of speculation and rumors. Both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are big hits so far, and after testing them both, and after testing them both I was glad to see that they have greatly improved the whole gaming experience. And one of the things I liked the most was, not unexpectedly, the integration of cloud

When I first got my hands on an Xbox 360, playing a game was pretty straightforward: buy the console, buy the game on a disc, put the disc in the console, run the install and play. It was the same with the Playstation 3. The problem was that you relied on that single disc, without it you’d simply lose access to the game.

Nowadays, things have changed and it’s all more “2014“: you still buy the console, and you still buy the game – there’s no working your way around that. But now, you don’t have to keep all your discs in a safe, because once you buy the game it’s permanently attached to your account, and you can download it anywhere – even on another console if you want to change it. Also, any progress you make inside that game is saved in the cloud, so you won’t lose that either!

Moving on from the consoles, let’s take a look at one of the fastest growing gaming markets out there: mobile gaming. The two major players here, Apple and Google, both implemented cloud saving solutions for developers to use. These solutions make it easy for the user to have game-specific information saved and readily and easily accessible. Also, things like achievements, rankings and competitions are all made simple with the Google Play Games service and Apple’s Game Center.

And last, but not least, PC gaming. Here we have one behemoth that towers over all other PC cloud gaming solutions: Steam. The gaming platform basically saves all of your PC games in one place, under one interface, with one friends’ list, one account, one everything. It saves your settings, your progress, your entire gaming activity. It’s also easy to buy games, and easy to find new ones – so much so that it has convinced more people to buy games than any anti-piracy campaign I’ve seen.

If you’re a gaming fan, you should be glad you live in the era of cloud computing. It has made gaming easier, and more fun, by eliminating all the hassle and focusing on what truly matters: the games themselves.

By Andrei Maguleanu

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