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Google’s Android Services And Their Migration To The Cloud

Google’s Android Services and their Migration to the Cloud 

I am a true believer that in the future, we are all going to rely on cloud computing to store our information. I don’t have any insider information to support my claims, it’s more than a hunch I’ve had for the past several years. Nowadays, it seems less a hunch and more a reality as Google has taken significant steps towards putting almost everything in the cloud. The updates they’ve made to all essential, Google-made and Google-owned apps on their Android OS speak for themselves. If you don’t believe me, here are some of the essential Google Apps that show the way of things to come:

Drive. Okay, okay, I started off with an easy one. Drive is in essence, a cloud storage system. But the way it’s seamlessly built into the entire Google ecosystem makes it, in my opinion, the easiest to use. Even though I have more than 120 Gb at my disposal on Dropbox, it’s still Drive that I rely most on, and that’s due exclusively to the fantastic integration by Google. And many times I can’t even explain it, but when I do simple tasks, like finding a wallpaper I like and instantly saving it to Drive, where my PCs “take” their wallpapers from, it adds to the experience.

Photos. This is a big one. Google Photos is an app that integrates the old Gallery app with Google+. Now, whenever you take a picture it’s uploaded to the cloud -, not just for storage, like with Google Drive, but for easy access, easy editing and easy sharing as well. Nowadays, you have your photos ready for action within minutes from taking them.


Keep. This is another awesome one, and it’s just… a note taking app. But by making it accessible everywhere you have a Google account, it essentially uploaded your tasks to the cloud. You’re on your computer, and you remember to set a reminder about groceries tonight? Just open Keep, add a note and a reminder and your phone will buzz in a couple of hours. Easy as pie.

Cloud Print. Even though I haven’t used this one, it’s still incredible to think that you can order a printer half a world away to print something while you’re on your phone. I can think of a dozen useful uses for this one, right off the bat.

Even though it doesn’t rely on innovative technology, the native cloud computing solutions available on Android today are making our lives a lot easier, and they’re allowing us to spend less time dealing with technicalities and more time for the things that matter.

By Andrei Maguleanu

(Image source: Google)


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