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More Distributors Considering Launch Into Cloud Services

A white paper released today by CompTIA indicates that many technology distributors are setting their sights on the cloud as a means of boosting their bottom line and enhancing value for their clients.


According to CompTIA’s white paper The Role of IT Distribution in a Cloud World, most distributors recognize the huge market segment available to cloud-based solutions as the availability, scalability, and security of cloud technology continues to advance. CompTIA, a leading organization representing the interests of the information technology industry, notes that for those companies – including retailers, wholesalers, and technology advisors – embracing the cloud just makes good business sense.

In the past, many of these organizations relied on the design, sale, and maintenance of traditional server-based networks to grow their businesses. Cloud computing, however, has served as a disruptive force in the industry; an increasing number of companies that once operated their businesses through traditional server networks are now turning to the cloud for cost effective technology solutions. The rapid switch to virtualization has spurred distributors to incorporate cloud solutions into their business plans.

CompTIA reports that distributors and channel partners are considering a number of options for integrating cloud serves into their business models. The vast majority plan to devote resources to providing technical support for cloud-based products. Other companies intend to commit personnel and time to hosting services, data center accessibility, aggregation of cloud services, and testing cloud providers and products for clients. In addition, distributors may play a major role in brokering relationships between their own clients and cloud providers.

In addition, some distributors are focused on the acquisition of businesses that specialize in cloud-based solutions as well as the development of capabilities in cloud technologies. Because many companies will continue to rely on some combination of traditional networks and cloud services, fostering skillsets in both areas will provide considerable value for clients.

By Glenn Blake

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Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.

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