A study entitled, State of Cyber Security 2017, performed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), suggested that cyber security staff are becoming increasingly difficult to find in such a rapidly expanding and evolving field. The report was based on a survey of 633 cyber security specialists across North America and Europe, with 27% stating that they were unable to fill open cyber security positions in their businesses and another 14% unsure as to whether they would ever fill those positions...

The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Ever since the smartphone made its first widespread commercial debut close to the beginning of the last decade, one of its most enjoyable uses has always been its ability to play video games. With the subsequent drop in prices for the phones themselves, as well as the plans for the services used to run them, more and more younger people have become smartphone owners. This has led to a dramatic surge in the popularity of using these devices to pass the time with a little excitement and enjoyment.

With the mainstream introduction of tablet PCs over the last few years, mobile gaming has started to experience a noticeable uptick in the scale and quality of games that are available. Instead of simply being able to choose from basic and graphically-challenged offerings, more and more advances are being made, which are leading to an increased level of sophistication. While basic apps like Angry Birds are fun, having the option to play something similar to what you would find on a console or desktop PC has started to generate interest in mobile games as something more than just to kill time.


The main cause behind this evolution is the increased speed and power that you will find in many of the newer tablet PCs. Quad-core processors, storage capacities in the scores of gigabytes and powerful graphics interfaces are all contributing towards making devices that can rival many desktops in game sophistication. In addition, the tablet PC’s larger screen size makes viewing more detailed games much easier, further contributing to the overall experience.

Historically, one of the primary obstacles to developing a mobile game that could actually compete with something similar to what you would see on a console or PC is the fact that tablets use touchscreen interfaces. Because most traditional games use either a keyboard and mouse or game controller to play them, finding a way to operate the game controls in a manner that would be easy for most gamers to adopt was a problem.One of the primary indicators of the probability of further innovations and enhancements being made in this market is the fact that top game designers for consoles and PCs are starting to bring many well-loved titles to mobile platforms. Huge hits like The Sims, Mass Effect and Dead Space are just a few of the titles that have been introduced for mobile platforms by industry leader, Electronic Arts. These games allow you to commandeer the lives of fantasy characters, save the universe or slay waves upon waves of frightening monsters, all from your tablet PC.

One of the most effective solutions for these input difficulties is the development and marketing of controllers that are designed specifically for tablet PCs. Because most tablets do not come equipped with many of the ports that a desktop has, existing controllers were not compatible with them. Instead of using these ports for connectivity, designers have instituted Bluetooth as the method of interface. This allows for a full gaming experience without any wires or cables necessary.

As with any developing market, mobile gaming is still fleshing itself out and building on the different ideas that show themselves to be worthwhile prospects. As this evolution proceeds, expect the future to bring even greater heights of usability and performance in the world of mobile gaming.

By Joe Pellicone

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