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Google Play Games – Taking Your Mobile Games To The Cloud

Google Play Games – Taking Your Mobile Games To The Cloud


I’ve decided to pay closer attention to the mobile cloud services. Both Google and Apple have their own version of it, and they do a pretty good job at providing some common ground between you, all of your games and your friends. Today it’s time to place Google’s service, Play Games, under the spotlight and see it in detail.

Google launched its Play Games almost one year ago, in July 2013. It’s not based on an original idea – in fact, when it first came out, people were describing it simply as “just like the iOS Game Center, but from Google“. And in its early days it really was just like a weak clone of Apple’s product, but once it started to be used by more and more people Play Games really grew into a product that shines more.

One of the best features of the Play Games app is the fact that it’s integrated with all of Google’s services. This means that all of the contacts you have on G+ are available as “play mates” for all of your Android games. You can see their latest achievements and the games they’re playing – it’s mostly a “love it or hate it” type of thing, and if you’re not in the side that feels Google is overly pushing their products you’re definitely going to love it.

Another feature I like is the games recommendation section, where you can see a list of trending games – if you want to discover new games this is definitely a good idea. I’ve actually found some really entertaining games this way, some of which were recommended by my friends.

Apart from that, you have a pretty standard lineup of features: achievement tracking, the ability to compare scores with your friends – and other players, and my personal favorite, the ability to join multiplayer games. All of this wrapped in Google’s Holo design which has become the standard for all native apps, from the Play Store to the native music app.

With mobile gaming becoming more than a blip on the radar in the gaming industry, an app like this makes it easier to connect with people and to find awesome new games. And I saved the best for last: many of my favorite games (like The Room and The Room Two on Google Play) actually save your games in the cloud, so you don’t have to miss a thing. Accidentally deleted the game? Switched your phone? No problem, just download it again and your saves will be there, waiting for you. Awesome, or what?

By Andrei Maguleanu

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