Clutch Cloud Provider Survey

Clutch, who is a leading IT ratings and review firm in the B2B space, held a survey to find out which of the various large cloud providers that companies prefer. The survey found that larger enterprises prefer to use Microsoft Azure, while SMBs (small-to-medium businesses), strongly preferred the Google Cloud Platform...


Cloud Infographic: The Mobile Business Boom

The Mobile Business Boom

Mobile computing is big business and here to stay. Not too long ago telecommuting was a concept to the mobile job seeker which consisted of questionable ‘work at home’ offerings such as envelope stuffing, paid surveys, transcriptions etc..etc… Much of this is starting to evolve today with the explosion of mobile devices, low cost cloud based services and the growing acceptance of BYOD (Bring your own devices). Start-ups can run as virtual businesses hiring mobile workers without the need to spend thousands of dollars on traditional Brick & Mortar infrastructure.  This is the power of cloud computing. It will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and provide the virtual infrastructure to help businesses grow and succeed in an inexpensive manner.

Included is an infographic discovered on Jobvite which illustrates some prime examples of who the 2014 mobile job seeker is.


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