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Playstation Now: An In-Depth Look At Sony’s Upcoming Cloud Platform

Playstation Now: An In-Depth Look At Sony’s Upcoming Cloud Platform

Sony has long been one of the leading names in electronics in general, and video gaming in specific. The original Playstation console was the first to ever reach 100 million units sold, while the Playstation 2 is currently the top selling console of all time. The most recent release, the Playstation 4, also smashed existing records by selling over one million units within the first 24 hours.

True to form, Sony recently announced another impending release, which actually has the potential to be even bigger than some of the individual console releases we have seen in the past. I am, of course, talking about their upcoming cloud gaming platform, Playstation Now…

What Is Playstation Now?

Sony originally unveiled the PlayStation Now service at the 2014 CES event held in Lass Vegas, where it was presented as a cloud gaming platform used to play all Playstation 3 and 4 games across a wide variety of devices. This service will use streaming technology from their recent acquisition of cloud-gaming giant, Gaikai.

While its initial release will only feature titles from the PS3 and 4 catalogs, Playstation Now aims to bring all of PlayStation’s thousands of game tittles to anyone with an internet connection and one of the many tech devices needed to run them. As opposed to its existing services, you will be able to purchase the game directly and simply stream it to your device. Playstation Now will use the file-streaming version of cloud play, making it possible to play the games before they have even finished downloading.

Game Rentals

One of the more exciting possibilities of Playstation Now is the prospect of being ale to rent games, as opposed to buying them outright. Leaks of Playstation’s pricing model for game rentals indicate that individual rentals will probably be around $5. How long of a rental this price includes, however, is still a little hazy. However, if you like the idea of being able to try a game out before you buy it, Sony will have you covered.


While a game console is not one of them, there are a few requirements you will need to fulfill in order to use the service effectively.

Internet Connection: Obviously, given that the entire premise behind Sony’s upcoming cloud gaming platform is the ability to stream games over the Internet, a connection to it will be necessary. What is not obvious is what the recommended speed of your network should be in order to avoid the death knell of every online game: latency. Sony recommends a connection of at least 5MBPs in order to play with the utmost in efficacy.

Hardware: No longer will you be required to own a Playstation console in order to play their vast library of games. If you are not looking to spend any money on new equipment, you will have the option to use a tablet or a Bravia television.

Sony DualShock: If you plan on using any type of mobile device to play games on Playstation Now, you will need to purchase a DualShock controller. However, if you are running these games on the Playstation 4 or Vita, this requirement will not apply.

Playstation Now is poised to take over the cloud gaming industry in a big way, offering a ton of different games without having to break the bank to play them. Look to see this service launched sometime later this year, with new games being added to the lineup as the dust settles.

By Joe Pellicone

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