Cloud Infographic: Breaking Apps

Cloud Infographic: Breaking Apps

CopperEgg continues to blaze a trail through the sometimes dangerous landscape of cloud and IT, delivering its hallmark product to IT managers looking to increase hands-on control over the data and the systems that cover it, by making the upgrading and maintenance of efficiencies much easier. Data is king, and CopperEgg makes useful information on optimum use of servers and systems available by the second, allowing administrators to maintain a far more dynamic and ideal system in which resources are allocated in sync with actual requirements. This means time and money saved.


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CopperEgg is also expert in ensuring that monitoring is customized and reflects an end-user client’s circumstances far more accurately in realistic time increments. As CTO and co-founder Eric Anderson explains: “The best thing I ever did was to show a screen shot of the difference between 5min, 1min, and 5s granularity in monitoring. The key is, that with finer grained resolution, you DON’T MISS THE DETAILS. At 1min, a 20sec spike in CPU (for example) will get washed out to a little bump on everyone else’s monitoring system, but with CopperEgg, at 5s, you see it. Let me ask: if you sit at a website for 5s and nothing happens, do you wait? I don’t – I bounce. So why is monitoring that same service at 1min acceptable? It isn’t. You need monitoring at the granularity your customers care about. And that’s seconds, not minutes.”

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