Cloud Infographic: Cloud And The Medical Field

Cloud Infographic: Cloud And The Medical Field

For some time now, genomics or the study of genes has been branded as the possible playing field for the next medical revolution. Indeed, some believe that genomics can have as much an impact on human civilization this century as computers did in the previous one, with possible applications from the frivolous (specifying eye color in an unborn child) to momentous (developing designer medicine to target specific symptoms in specific patients).  Gene sequencing produces an enormous amount of data, and processing this data requires an enormous amount of computing power. While the price of gene sequencers has reduced drastically over the years, the same is not true for computing resources. Unless, cloud computing is the resource being used… Continue Reading

As we move forward more and more focus must be on finding efficient and proven ways to implement cloud based management systems into the medical field so areas such as genomics can continue to grow. Included is an excellent infographic provided by the group at Innotas.


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