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Verizon Launches New Cloud Interconnectivity Software

Verizon Launches New Cloud Interconnectivity Software 


Verizon has found a niche in the cloud market: businesses who manage operations on multiple cloud servers.  Working on different clouds simultaneously can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor, but Verizon is offering a solution to this difficult process with the launch of its Secure Cloud Interconnect service (SCI).

With SCI, businesses will be able to connect to multiple cloud services, including Verizon Terremark, Microsoft Azure, and private cloud servers in the 15 Equinix data centers spread across the globe. More cloud service providers will be added to this network as the year progresses.

Michael Palmer, Vice President of Product Development for Verizon, offered some comments on the new product:

With Secure Cloud Interconnect, Verizon is removing the barriers for enterprise cloud adoption. The reality is that many organizations today use multiple clouds to meet their business and technical objectives, but there was no easy way to manage this environment until now.

Our new offering uniquely gives enterprises everything they require in a multi-cloud environment — security, private connectivity, performance, simplicity and efficiency. SCI will enable a wide range of applications and use cases for organizations.”

This sort of connection across multiple clouds using private IPs isn’t particularly new or innovative. Big companies like AT&T, and smaller ones, like Tw Telecom and Level 3 Communications, all offer services similar to SCI. But this is more than just a copycat product.

Brian Washburn, Service Director at Current Analysis, offers some insight on what it is that sets SCI apart from the competition:

Other folks have solved the unlimited bursting into the data center, but they don’t have the bandwidth-on-demand that Verizon is including. Tw Telecom has the on-demand bandwidth and the secure connection to third-party data centers, but Verizon has the potential for end-to-end service that others don’t have yet. That can be a competitive advantage for them.”

Verizon is already a leader in wireless communications, operating the United States’ most popular wireless network, with over 100 million users nationwide. This shift to providing more cloud-based services signals that Verizon is aware of the direction in which the future of communications is heading, and they are ready and able to follow.

By Adam Ritchie

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