Staying on Top of Your Infrastructure-as-a-Service Security Responsibilities

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Security It’s no secret many organizations rely on popular cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft for access to computing infrastructure. The many perks of cloud services, such as the ability to quickly scale resources without the upfront cost of…

Cloud Infographic: CPU To The Cloud

Cloud Infographic: CPU To The Cloud

We have covered the growth of Cloud computing on CloudTweaks for several years now. We have also taken a look at the evolution of Big Data, Backups, Social Media and countless other cloud related areas.  It will be interesting to see how technology unfolds as we move into the the area of Internet of Everything in which Gartner predicts that 26 billions wireless devices will be connected by the year 2020.

Included is an excellent archived infographic provided by Profitbricks which takes a look back starting in 1993 at the original Intel Pentium chip and moves into the present decade.



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