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Pinup: Approxy Utilizes Cloudpaging To Bring Instant Gaming Gratification

Pinup: Approxy Utilizes Cloudpaging To Bring Instant Gaming Gratificationapproxy

There is something to be said about getting what you want, when you want it. Granted, we have all grown up with the saying “Patience is a virtue.” However, while this might be a good motto to live most of your life by, it has no place whatsoever in the world of cloud gaming. Gamers today want to play games without having to download lengthy files. Rather, the prospect of beginning a game right after you select it is one of the Holy Grails of cloud gaming.

This is where the services provided by Approxy come in.

Approxy was spun out from parent company, Numecent, in March of 2012. While the primary goal of Numecent is to deliver solutions to larger issues relating to cloud computing in general, Approxy’s sole concentration is delivering HD-quality games instantly through a white-label service. Approxy’s stealth funding has topped $18 million from an assortment of unnamed investors.


The tech behind the exciting prospect of Approxy’s services is called cloudpaging. In essence, cloudpaging divides each game into small pieces and delivers them to the end user in an on-demand capacity. This allows the player to start the game almost instantaneously, thus bypassing the annoyance of having to wait.

As Dr.Yavuz Ahiska, co-founder and CEO of Approxy, puts it: “As modern games cross over the 10GB size, the initial day-long download experience is becoming one of frustration for users and lost revenues for publishers, especially in the free-to-play segment. Cloud-Gaming represents a tremendous global opportunity for the industry, but we need to make it ‘friction free’ for both users and publishers alike. We believe cloudpaging with the Approxy extensions is the right technology platform to make this happen.”

Cloudpaging is a technology that has sprung from the loins of a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project dating back to the 1990s. Numecent has developed this technology and applied it to many standard cloud activities, including all Microsoft Windows applications. Numecent realized the potential of cloudpaging in terms of gaming, which resulted in the spinoff of Approxy.

The advantages of cloudpaging extend beyond simply being able to start your game without waiting. Cloudpaging uses a virtual memory management unit that is installed on the client’s device. This causes the game to launch in a virtual console, bypassing any need to install huge files on your device. This effectively reduces the amount of installed code needed to play the game, making them playable even on devices with minimal storage capacities.

As more and more of the world embraces broadband internet connections, the expectation of instantaneous cloud gaming rises in step. Approxy aims to satisfy these needs by offering its unique cloudpaging technology as a white-label service to game developers and producers.

By Joe Pellicone

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