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Pinup: Bitglass Brings Strong Data Security To The Cloud

Pinup: Bitglass Brings Strong Data Security To the CloudBitglass_Logo

Living in a world chock full of cloud computing services and companies allows us a much greater degree of freedom in terms of data activity and organization. However, given just how much information is floating around out in cyberspace, the need to secure your company’s data, regardless of where it resides, is of paramount importance.

This area is where cloud-startup, Bitglass, truly shines.

Bitglass is a cloud-computing startup company originally based out of Palo Alto, California. Bitglass has recently emerged from “stealth funding” to reveal a platform that is well able to handle virtually all data protection a company could need. Bitglass has raised over $10 million from venture-capital firms, NEA and Norwest Venture Partners

Nat-NausikAs Nat Kausik, CEO of Bitglass, puts it: “We wanted to separate hype from reality with regard to cloud adoption in the enterprise. We found that while more strategic, company-wide adoption of the cloud is starting to take hold, there are still basic security mechanisms that have not been put into place. As new technologies to secure cloud apps gain footing, we expect accelerated adoption to occur, especially among larger companies and those in regulated industries.

How Does Bitglass Work?

Bitglass’ service-as-a-solution (SaaS) functions as a “reverse proxy,” securing your company’s data both at the credentials level, such as logins and authentications, as well as all data itself. This is accomplished without the need for any additional software to be installed, either at the network level or that of the end user.

Once a user accesses cloud apps that your company uses, Bitglass will automatically redirect them to Bitglass for authentication. This service can be configured in mere minutes, bypassing the need for a lengthy install or configuration process.

Once the authentication through Bitglass is made, all traffic to and from the end user is intercepted by Bitglass and examined for sensitive corporate data, which is then secured. All content, such as URLs and cookies are then automatically rewritten to ensure that the Bitglass proxy is used.

Security permissions can be set by group, location and device type, allowing the most control over which employees can access which data. Tracking is also made much easier, as watermarks are applied to every file accessed by an employee. This watermark contains information like which user is accessing the data, the date the access took place and which transaction utilized the data in question.

While data security is always a concern for any type of company that has sensitive information, the Bitglass service is a sound solution to cut this possibility as much as possible. Whether your company is a mammoth or a simple mom-and-pop business, Bitglass’ products and solutions are sure to satisfy.

By Joe Pellicone

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