The vision is chilling. It’s another busy day. An employee arrives and logs on to the network only to be confronted by a locked screen displaying a simple message: “Your files have been captured and encrypted. To release them, you must pay...”

Pinup: Bitium Consolidates All Of Your SaaS Apps

Pinup: Bitium Consolidates All Of Your SaaS Apps and Credentials Into One Central Location

Each and every day, more and more companies are moving the lion’s share of their business into the cloud. While the benefits of doing so are legion, unfortunately, not all things become easier when things are moved to the cloud.


For example, once files and data have been put in the cloud, entrance to them must be closely guarded to ensure that no unauthorized access is made. This will cause the number of authentications and permissions that need to be regulated and controlled to increase in step, resulting in huge headaches if they are not managed properly. This area is where Bitium truly shines.

Bitium is a Los Angeles-based startup company that emerged from the Amplify accelerator program in 2012. Bitium was founded by Scott Kriz and Erik Gustavson and was designed as a centralized platform for all SaaS applications.

scott-krizAs Bitium co-founder and CEO Scott Kriz puts it “Our vision is to change how people and companies work by fundamentally changing the way they interact with software. We’ve created an open system that’s self-organizing. It’s like letting people pick what they want off the menu rather than telling them what’s for lunch.”

Bitium has received several rounds of funding from investors, starting with $2.4 million in April of 2013 from a group that included big southern-California names like Double M Partners and Karlin Ventures. This continued in 2014 with an additional $6.5 Million in series-A funding, provided by Polaris Partners.

One Password To Rule Them All

One of the primary benefits of using Bitium is that all of the different logins and authentications needed to access cloud-based apps and projects are boiled down into one. Not only does this bypass the obstacle of each employee having to remember multiple authentications, it also allows managers to keep track of the progress of projects and which apps are being used to complete them.

Delegation Made Easy

Once an employee signs in, supervisors can delegate access to different apps without the need for additional passwords. This is all done in one, central interface, making the processes of monitoring, access and feedback much easier to perform. Bitium is an excellent solution for any corporation planning to make substantial use of cloud-based apps and storage. By combining all login and authentication credentials into one central location, Bitium is poised to save you big in time, money and frustration.

By Joe Pellicone

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