Pinup: CloudPhysics – Our Big Idea Starts With Big Data

Pinup: CloudPhysics – Our Big Idea Starts With Big Data

One of the hallmarks of computing in today’s modern business world is the virtualized environment. A virtualized environment is where a virtual version of the components that make up a network, such as the server or storage device, is created. These virtualized components are integrated with actual equipment, which can result in an increased amount of complexity in managing them.

This is where CloudPhysics truly shines.


CloudPhysics is a big data startup originally launched in 2011 by John Blumenthal and Irfan Ahmad. The goal behind CloudPhysics is to provide assistance to system administrators in terms of making smart decisions when it comes to big data.

Co-founder John Blumenthal states: “Google uses analysis of anonymized traffic data from everyone’s GPS location streams to help users avoid accidents and bottlenecks and to make better driving decisions. CloudPhysics brings that same kind of power to IT so enterprises can make better operational decisions.”

CloudPhysics has received several rounds of funding from numerous sources, including investment firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, as well as the Mayfield Fund. All told, CloudPhysics has raised a total of close to $13 million in outside funding.

CloudPhysics has received numerous accolades from leaders of the computing industry. These include the Best Cloud Management 2013 award from Virtualization Review, one of the Most Notable Vendors at VMworld 2013 from EMA and the Best Innovation Award, VMworld 2012 from TechTarget.

CloudPhysics’ services deal with three primary areas. These include:

Validation: Trying things out before you implement them is an effective way to avoid costly errors in many different areas of big data and virtualized environments. CloudPhysics’ services allow you to run “what if” scenarios, allowing you to see how things work before they are actually

Hazard Prevention: Given the sheer size associated with big data, it is quite possible for you to be unaware of different hazards and pitfalls that can be lurking in the background. CloudPhysics addresses this possibility in many different ways. These include the ability to find targeted Knowledge Base articles that are applicable to your network, and the capacity to receive early warnings on errors related to changes.

Efficiency: Nothing spells additional costs like an inefficient network. CloudPhysics allows you to identify wasted resources and tweak them to perform at their very best. This can include discovering ways to optimize network storage, as well as identifying connection issues between the network and its components.

CloudPhysics provides a software as a service (SaaS) model that is one of the leaders in terms of optimizing network performance and resources. If your company uses big data in any way, the analytical services provided by CloudPhysics are a must have.

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