It’s Not Delivery, Its Cloud

It’s Not Delivery, Its Cloud

Earlier in the month I talked about Bouillabaisse a fish stew or as I called it Cloud Bouillabaisse both are heavily reliant on what you put in it. Building on that food theme (I have to stop writing these blogs at dinner time…) I would like to talk about cloud pizza this time. But in this case we aren’t making the food we are ordering it.


The typical pizza place offers a variety of options. Depending on the type and nature of the pizza (Chicago style that is real pizza and then New York style which is more like saltines with ketchup on them. Ouch!) you can choose the types of cheese and the various toppings. Depending on the establishment, you can order pizza with Gyros meat, or pizza with fresh basil or if you have the budget, pizza with Caviar . Once you pick the toppings you can even pick the sauce at many places as they offer white sauce, red sauce and even the no sauce at all option. (Image Source:


You start picking the components you want on your Pizza. It’s very similar to what you do when you look at various Cloud Service Providers. They offer you a pick list of options. From the number of processors to the amount of network bandwidth, you plan to consume you can customize everything. So the pricing can be confusing at times. That’s why they offer you calculators so when you do review the pricing, it all comes together neatly so you can quickly check out.

Are You Sure?

What’s sometimes missing is the intelligence of the smart person working at the CSP who truly understands your needs and can put together a viable solution which help you. That Pizza delivery person that has been to your house 100 times and knows that one of you loves white sauce but not all of you. So if the order has five white sauce pizza’s rather than just the one, make sure the smart delivery person calls and says “are you sure?

A cloud “Are you sure?” button would factor in not only the things you have purchased in the past, but also an understanding of your organizational goals. Let’s call it a cloud picker. The”Are you sure?” button would encompass first off only those things your organization has in their catalog today. Following the ITIL Service Catalog model we would make sure that only those things IT can support today are available on the “Are you sure” page. We would need some form of validation (user) and validation (project). That should probably be a barrier to entry. Rather than allowing someone all the way to the checkout page we verify that they can start the process first. In the Pizza delivery world that is the range delivery folks are willing to travel (no more than 3 miles from the store etcetera…). So first, we verify the user in question is in the delivery zone.

Once we know we can deliver the pizza we then verify that the user is who they say they are (authorization and authentication). We can then walk them through a much simplified ordering process for what they need. Then they click place an order. We show them a simple page that starts off with ARE YOU SURE?. Below that we show them the capabilities they are ordering (to confirm). We can then launch the pizza into the oven. From there it is only 30 minutes or so to dinner.

Unless of course we made a mistake and in the final check we get an ARE YOU SURE? Call. It’s important that we have a validation process just in case someone isn’t paying attention. It’s also important to know that our CSP is also paying attention.

By Scott Anderson

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