E3 2014: The Biggest Event In Cloud Gaming

E3 2014: The Biggest Event In Cloud Video Gaming Is Almost Upon Us!


One of the most exciting things that any true cloud gamer has to look forward to each year is the many different events that are put on in different areas of the country. These events come in all sizes, ranging from the big behemoths that everyone attends, to the smaller more local events hosted in cities around the world.  There is, however, one event in particular that has proven itself to be the most popular and widely-attended affair of them all: E3. First established in 1995, E3, which stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, has been a leading source of news and product-release information for industry professionals of all types. E3 2014 will be held from Tuesday June 10th to June 12 in Los Angeles. So what does E3 have in store for us this year? Let’s take a look!


It would be difficult to contend with the claim that Microsoft has had a bit of a difficult year with the release of the Xbox One. Primary among the reasons for that was price, since the One is a full $100 more than the PS4. This makes the recent decision to unbundle the Kinect something that will be talked about furiously at E3 2014. Microsoft will also look to release the next installment in one of the most popular cloud games franchise ever: Halo. Halo 5 is projected to debut sometime in 2015; however, given just how popular the franchise is, expect a lot of hype about it.

Finally, serious talk about Microsoft’s new program for indie publishers, ID@Xbox, is also expected. Historically, Microsoft has always been shy about supporting indie gamers in the past. This is expected to change dramatically, giving rise to a whole new category of cloud games on the Xbox One.


Sony has had a pretty decent year, with their new PS4 having sold over 7 million units to date. However, given how many changes Microsoft is announcing, can they hold their lead? Experts claim this is possible, but in order to achieve it, they need to stay on the offensive. Sony’s strategy behind their offensive will primarily be the number and quality of new cloud games that will be released. A wide range of these games will be from indie sources, an easy feat given their well developed relationships with many indie publishers.

Playstation Now, Sony’s bid at the cloud gaming industry is also set to receive some clarification at E3 2014. How will it work? Will you be able to get digital versions of games you already own? These questions and more should gain clear answers by the end of the event.

Virtual Reality

Facebook’s bid in the realm of virtual reality, the Oculus Rift, recently received an upgrade in the form of a second developer’s kit. Unfortunately, the consumer version is still about a year away; however, new and exciting features now available in Dev Kit 2 (the second developer’s kit) will be showcased this year. Sony’s Project Morpheus, the hardware they are using to take aim at the virtual reality industry, is also expected to be the subject of more than one discussion and presentation. While we are still a ways off in terms of a public release, any new information will be most welcome.

Will you be attending this year’s E3? Perhaps you are reading this after attendance and would like to share your experiences? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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