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Pinup: Bragi Inches Closer To “One Wearable To Rule Them All” With The Dash

Pinup: Bragi Inches Closer To “One Wearable To Rule Them All” With the Dashbragi_brand_BLACK

Wearable technology has many purposes. Some wearable devices are built to track different health information, such as calories burned, steps taken or your heart rate. Other devices, such as the Google Glass, are designed to augment the world around us, providing computer-generated imagery and sound that complements what we can see and hear.

Given that virtually all of these devices are extremely useful to a wide swath of the population, the problem might arise in the future of needing too many different devices to stay practical. Wearing multiple devices for different purposes can create confusion and require excessive attention in order to utilize them most effectively.


As a result, Bragi’s design of a wearable device that combines multiple functions into one package makes it eminently worthy of virtually everyone’s attention.

Bragi was founded in 2012 by Danish entrepreneur Nikolaj Hviid. Bragi recently entered into a Kickstarter campaign, with an original goal of $260,000. End uses were so enthralled by Bragi’s device, the Dash, that over $3 million has been pledged by close to 16,000 backers so far.

I imagined a discrete assistant that would entertain and take care of me. Help to understand my body, and let me know when I had reached my limit. Help me to get better at what I do.” says Nikolaj Hviid. “The Dash is as incredible as I imagined it would be.

Bragi’s flagship product, the Dash, is designed to fit a wide variety of different functions all in one compact package. The Dash is a set of wireless (Bluetooth 4.0) earbuds that enables the user to monitor several different health functions, all while listening to your favorite tunes. The specs and features include:


One of the coolest features of the Dash is that you can listen to music, either through the built-in, 4GB MP3 player or by synching with a smartphone or tablet. The Dash uses aptX® technology, which provides clear, CD-quality sound and uses the full bandwidth over Bluetooth. The Dash can be controlled by using the touch sensors built directly into them.


While an MP3 player is cool and all, it is not exactly a new innovation. However, when you add in the fitness-tracking capabilities found in the Dash, you have a true marvel. The Dash records such information as oxygen saturation, energy spent, heart rate and movement. In addition, the min/max limit warnings allow you to train and exercise to your full potential without going overboard.



Even with simply the two previously-mentioned features, the Dash would be a device truly worthy of note. However, Bragi sweetens the pot by including the capacity of a wireless headset, using an embedded ear-bone microphone to deliver crystal-clear sound quality. The Dash also provides a transparent mode, which provides the capacity to hear your surroundings when necessary.


Finding ways to use wearable tech without overdoing it with tons off different devices is something that you can expect many companies to be researching in the coming years. Bragi’s Dash is set to be one of the first in a long line of combined wearable tech.

By Joe Pellicone

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