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Pinup: Skyhigh – Finding And Managing Your Employees’ Cloud Services

Pinup: Skyhigh – Finding And Managing Your Employees’ Cloud Servicesskyhigh

It would be difficult to argue with the contention that cloud services have truly revolutionized the way we do business and handle information. The capability to access, change and share information, regardless of where you may be, is one of the best ways to grow a business in today’s interconnected world.

There is, unfortunately, a negative side effect of the extreme proliferation of cloud services. With so many different cloud apps and software available, your employees may begin to use an unsecured program, which could put your company’s vital data at risk.

This area is where cloud-startup, Skyhigh, truly reigns supreme.

Originally founded in 2011, by former Hewlett-Packard general manager Rajiv Gupta, Skyhigh is designed to identify which cloud services your employees are using, regardless of which computing device they are using it from, or where they may be. Skyhigh has received over $20 million in series-B funding from venture-capital firm, Sequoia Capital.

As Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks, puts it, “We provide real data around cloud usage, adoption of enterprise-ready services, the category of services demanded by employees, as well as malware and other vulnerabilities from these cloud services. It’s this type of data and analysis that CIOs use to maximize the value of cloud services and help drive an organized, productive, and safe movement to the cloud.

Skyhigh’s services cover many different areas and functions. Most notable of these are:


Skyhigh is extremely effective at identifying which cloud services your employees are using on their computing devices. Skyhigh identifies unrecognized services that may have slipped by your firewall or proxy server. Skyhigh can also actually reduce the time spent authorizing new cloud services by up to 90 percent!


Skyhigh will identify which cloud services are most used by your employees, allowing you to approve those compatible with your security as quickly as possible. In addition, activity that may indicate a breach of security is analyzed, which allows you to respond to potential problems as quickly as possible.


Given that unencrypted data is an attractive target for would-be thieves, Skyhigh’s ability to encrypt data is most welcome. Skyhigh can encrypt data directly in the cloud, as well as allow you full control over the encryption keys. These actions combined form a powerful defense against exposure to potential security breaches.


With so many cloud services available free for anyone to use, the potential for security risks from unsecured apps and services increases by an order of magnitude. Skyhigh expertly addresses these issues and provides exceptional solutions, which will effectively shield your network from potential incursions.

By Joe Pellicone

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