The vision is chilling. It’s another busy day. An employee arrives and logs on to the network only to be confronted by a locked screen displaying a simple message: “Your files have been captured and encrypted. To release them, you must pay...”

Cloud Infographic: 7 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide

Cloud Infographic: 7 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide

It appears that almost everywhere you look someone most certainly is glued to their mobile device.  If it’s checking emails or simply catching up on sports highlights, it’s safe to say that your mobile device will be within reaching distance.

CloudTweaks has written a fair bit on the topic of BYOD over the years from how BYOD will define workplaces to some of the more prominent security concerns that BYOD may present. Included is an infographic provided by mobile security firm Bluebox, which highlights some interesting quick facts.


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