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Cloud Infographic: What’s On The Market In Wearable Tech

Cloud Infographic: What’s On The Market In Wearable Tech

As the potential for technology continues its sprint outside of the boundaries that society once thought to be far more than possible, it became very apparent that there would no longer be a natural progression for the gadgets of the future. It wasn’t a matter of limitations–there were none–but more of a matter of convincing consumers that they needed a gadget that was perceived as a luxury; something marketers have been doing since the dawn of time.

Wearable technology is an optimistic field. As innovative as it is, the Google Glass has a negative stigma, one that many associate with pomposity. Despite this, it’s host of features will eventually become completely normal to society. Wearable technology presents something more than just a gadget you can wear; it’s the future of technology, bridging luxury with efficiency in one unobtrusive device. This infographic, provided by, takes a look at the future of wearable technology, and how companies are attempting to address needs that consumers never knew they had.


By Nick Rojas,

Nick is a business consultant and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. He is a passionate writer, and his work often covers social media, technology, and globalization. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas.

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