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Pinup: Sproutling – Wearable Technology For Your Baby

Pinup: Sproutling – Wearable Technology For Your Babysproutling

It’s safe to say that everything that could be done in this day and age, is now done. Sproutling, a wearable baby monitor, is one of the latest pieces of wearable technology that the world is absolutely raving about. The Sproutling itself looks just like a FitBit, an activity tracker for exercising purposes, and comes from a team that is behind Google and Apple products.

The Sproutling is a baby monitor but is very special in its own way. The device monitors the baby’s activity and will let you know directly when your baby is moving around, what trouble he or she is up to, but without the audio or the traditional video. Instead of hearing your baby making noise, Sproutling will alert you through the application on your smartphone or tablet about what your baby is doing.

monitorThe application that can be downloaded from the application store on any smartphone or tablet keeps track of when your baby is asleep or awake, and also how long he or she has been sleeping for. Interestingly enough, Sproutling is also capable of telling you your baby’s mood. For example, your baby wakes up at 2:00 am crying. The notification that comes from your smartphone or tablet will read, “Awake and fussy“, and is also capable of warning you about noise levels. If there is a noise in the house, like a blender running in the kitchen that could wake your sleeping baby, a notification will pop up telling you so.

There are also some extraordinary safety features with the Sproutling, such as notifying you if there is a sudden spike in the baby’s temperature, a change in his or her heart rate, or if he or she has made an unusual roll in the crib. If any of these situations should occur, you will receive a red notification instantly telling you so. The safety features that come with this device are remarkable, and any parent who worries about their baby should look into it.

The Sproutling application itself is currently only available for iOS, however, it is coming up for Android devices as well. The entire Sproutling device includes three different pieces; a sensor piece for the band that measures temperature, the baby’s position and movement, if the band has been taken off, and heart rate. There is also a wireless charger included, which needs just two hours of charging every three days, and the actual band itself.

As an extra safety feature, the sensor piece itself is encapsulated inside a silicon of medical-grade and is completely sealed. This ensures that the sensor piece will not be at risk to the baby as a choking hazard. Those who want to know more about the Sproutling, should visit the official website.

By Linda Green


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