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Samsung’s VR Headset: For The Virtual Reality Lovers

Samsung’s VR Headset: For The Virtual Reality Lovers

By now we have all seen the 3D render of the virtual reality headset from Samsung, which allows you to plug in your phone and use it for virtual reality games and different applications. A focus dial has also been added to help wearers see much more clearly, but one thing’s for sure, the day of this headset being unveiled at the IFA show next month is coming up fast.

Oculus uses a display, Note 3, in some of the newer headsets, and has exciting rumors swirling around it. These days, smartphones have ultra-high resolution displays that are quite large, and also have enough sensors for accomplishing the orientation that virtual reality systems need in full. This is initially where Samsung comes in. Oculus may be involved in the project, but no one is quite sure of that yet. Whether or not Oculus has worked with the headset is still unknown, but there is no shortage of information fueling this specific rumor.

The virtual reality headset comes with a controller, and it appears that it’s fashioned overall to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Internet has gotten wind of the headset for quite some time now, but mainly that the Samsung Gear VR will be just like a plastic version of Google’s Cardboard experiment, but then again, that’s just the jist of the rumors. The overall look of Samsung’s virtual reality headset could be compared to plastic with some heavy duty hardware, but until the IFA next month, no one can really say for sure.

Project Moonlight, the controller paired with the virtual reality headset, is appearing to have a focus dial, as well as a Micro USB that will be connected to a phone. Samsung’s newest smartphone will surely be compatible with the virtual reality headset, naturally. All will be determined next month at the IFA trade show located in Berlin as well as New York on September the 3rd, next month.

Nevertheless, Samsung plans to release a smart device sometime this year, but there is much doubt that it will be the Samsung Gear VR. Instead, it will most likely be the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Fans of Samsung should be more than excited about the IFA show and what Samsung plans to release, because more than one device is to be unveiled. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Gear Solos and the Samsung Gear VR will all be unveiled at the upcoming IFA this year.

The Gear Solo is being tested early because of one major factor in the mix; Tizen, Samsung’s newest OS. 2014 is no doubt going to be a triumphant year for Samsung and partners and for fans of the technology as well. Samsung might also be conquering the smartwatch market if Gear RV and Gear Solo do quite well with consumers and their consciousness. However, one thing is for sure, Samsung is at the top of the charts when it comes to the chatter over technology at this time.

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By Linda Green

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