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Cloud Infographic – The Drone Consumer Revolution

The Drone Consumer Revolution

Drones are an exciting new area of research and development. There are so many potential uses for these connected devices that it will be very interesting to see all the possibilities and how they will be used in the near future. Part of the growing issue will be finding collaborative ways to seamlessly connect drone style devices (Internet of Things) with the thousands of new cloud services hitting the market. Unfortunately, drone manufacturers will jump the gun while capitalizing on the huge consumer demand. This will create all kinds of security, standardization and compatibility issues which will be fairly detrimental to the consumers purchasing these devices.

Read more on CIO on this potential problem “The Internet of Things (IoT) in 2015 will be about trying to tackle standardisation, bandwidth and security challenges, according to analysts…”

Included is a fantastic infographic provided by Jabil which highlights the growing drone craze.


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