Mobile Is Taking Over The World (And No One Is Surprised)

Mobile Is Taking Over The World

Mobile marketing has been a dominant trend in the advertising world for some time, and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon – so if you’re in any way responsible for marketing or promoting a company or brand, it is time that you embrace the possibilities of mobile (if you haven’t already).

Mobile Means More Than Just Email And Social Media

While reading email and keeping up with social media apps are certainly the most common ways that people interact on mobile, making purchases, reading reviews and comparison shopping, and other forms of interaction certainly aren’t far behind.

Your audience already uses mobile devices for nearly everything that they would have previously used their laptops or desktop computers for – to search for information, shop online, and read, listen to podcasts or presentations, or watch videos. So if you’re not already prepared for mobile marketing, you’re behind the curve, because that’s where your customers already are.


Mobile Drives The Growth Of The Cloud

What’s more, mobile marketing is what is currently driving the growth of cloud computing. As anyone who is aware of how enterprise software and related programs work, the massive increase in bandwidth consumption and more means that most legacy systems simply can’t handle the burden.

Mobile Marketing Increases Productivity Across The Board

Being able to access the resources necessary to perform your job well from virtually anywhere is one major element that makes the shift to mobile marketing important – as any manager is aware, a team can’t be completely efficient if they can’t access the knowledge and resources they need. And that’s another area where cloud computing has the advantage over enterprise operations – your team isn’t tied to the office or a specific company machine.

Mobile Marketing Applies To All Types Of Companies

Granted, the media typically covers two types of mobile marketing stories. The first is when big brands make compelling or creative attempts at developing or taking advantage of new mobile technology – especially if they experience extreme success or failure. The second is when a small business manages to make an impact with a post or campaign that goes viral; everyone loves an underdog, after all.

However, mobile marketing pretty much applies for every company nowadays. Ignore the media hype – it doesn’t have to be expensive or require a huge team (or even a unique story). Simply giving your employees and clientele the access and resources that they need to perform like rockstars is enough for mobile marketing success. Which leads into our next point…

Advantages Of Mobile Marketing For Employers And Managers

The growing number of BYOD (bring your own device) workplaces means that mobile apps can make their team more efficient and productive – in a way that’s also quite cost effective. Granted, there are some security considerations that will need to be addressed, as well as the fact that employees will likely have to allow IT permission to access their personal mobile phones and other technology. And that may be easier said than done!

It is a careful balance between building productivity and giving your employees – and your customers – relative freedom to interact with the various mobile apps and other tech that you utilize from the device of their choice, and protecting your company’s best interests in regard to customer service and information security as well.

Mobile Marketing And The Internet Of Things

Last but not least, mobile marketing is the path towards the future – and that alone should be reason enough for any savvy marketer to explore the possibilities. The birth of this can be seen in trends like QR codes, which, due to their ease-of-use, made interaction between objects and technology possible. However, future technology is predicted to directly integrate object functionality with mobile-use.

Furthermore, while the phrase “The Internet Of Things” has become a marketing buzzword lately, it is a legitimate trend that is likely to experience a surge of growth in the coming years. And it is mostly powered by mobile devices and wearable technology – much of which employs cloud computing as well.

What’s more, it isn’t just tech companies that are supporting it – a wide variety of more traditional verticals as well as city and state governments have been exploring the possibilities of the cloud and the internet of things, which ties directly into the mobile marketing realm.

Regardless of your current perspective on mobile marketing and the enterprise usage of the cloud, they both are here to stay. So take advantage of these technologies, stay current with the latest trends, and most importantly educate yourself and your team about how mobile marketing and the associated need for using the cloud are dominating the market in the present and the future.

By Owen Andrew


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