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Education is top target for cyberattacks

The education sector has become one of the most sought after targets for cybercriminals, according to the latest report from Malwarebytes Labs. In the first half of 2019, the top three largest categories of threats identified among education institutions' devices are adware (43 percent), Trojans
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Managing your SAP Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation. We’ve heard the words, but have you wondered what it is all about? Digital Transformation is a strategic directive to redefine your business practices and processes to gain competitive advantage. It is all about making the inevitable tide of change work for you,

Smart Umbrellas – Wearable, Portable and Stayable

They automatically open when it starts to rain.

A rising tide lifts all boats. What does a deluge do? Lifts everything, docks, piers, boats and anyone standing in the way. IoT post the Consumer Electronic Show is no longer a rising tide it is a deluge. You can avoid a rising or surge tide unless you are protecting your home. A deluge is much harder to avoid.


(Image Source: Kobby Dagan /

This deluge has caused me to stop and think about a few things in the past months. It has raised a number of concepts, questions and concerns in that time. I would like to talk today about the rapidly growing wearable’s craze. I defined three categories of IoT devices here on CloudTweaks back in September 2014. The concept I discussed then was wearable, portable and stayable. Where a Stayable IoT device didn’t move but shared data with your portable and wearable devices. My initial thinking was that while there are upcoming issues (bandwidth, agility of solution adoption) there are a couple of issues that aren’t being addressed.

My first concern is that of security. Wearable devices do not often include advanced Bluetooth security features. At most they have a Bluetooth pairing password and frankly most of us know that is either OOOO or 1111. You can force pair Bluetooth devices fairly effectively.

From the simple reality of snatch and grab, the devices are easily stolen. In stealing a wearable, the device is paired to a new smart device, and away you go. There isn’t anything that is user specific on a Bluetooth enabled wearable device. Then you also have to consider the other issue of security that we often see on television now is the scary concept of forced pairing for the overall intent of spying or stalking another human being via technology.

Those two concerns have brought me to a new concern. While I do not intend for this to be a facetious issue, there is a bit of comedy included in my last concern. First, foremost and going forward I think the three primary issues that will impact the adoption of the IoT remain capacity, agility, and security. This last issue, I am going to raise, may eventually replace those three but for now it is more of a possible issue.

IoT, when pushed into the wearable’s market, does raise the question when will it become the Internet of Bling (IoB)? Bling rose from hip hop culture a few years ago and refers to wearing flashing jewelry and other metal displays on your person. I can’t help thinking that in the end an item worn on your person that flashes would naturally be flashier than a piece of gold jewelry. Add gold to the IoB device and now you could move to the world of Bling quickly. I suspect this is a trickle now, perhaps a small stream but like IoT, the IoB is going to become a deluge. It might be time to move to the internet’s high ground if I had any idea of what that was.

Or, I could just give in and start the wearable bling craze.

By Scott Anderson

Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen is the managing partner and Chief Technology Officer of Creative Technology & Innovation. During his 25+ years in the technology industry Scott has followed many technology trends down the rabbit hole. From early adopter to last person selecting a technology Scott has been on all sides. Today he loves spending time on his boat, with his family and backing many Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects.

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