Top Ten Strategic Tech Trends for 2015-2020


Top Ten Strategic Tech Trends for 2015-2020

We’ve discussed the hottest 2015 trends in cloud computing, driverless cars and robot dogs, but what about the tech industry overall in upcoming years? Marketing Profs has put out an interesting Infographic discovered via Lireo Designs on their take on tech’s hottest trends for this year. They make some solid points for each trend.

1. Computing everywhere: “Within the next 5 years, users of smart phones, smart TVs, and smart cars will practically double.

This is probably the trend that makes the most sense. Sales of these types of devices should only continue to increase.

2. The Internet of Things
3. 3D Printing
4. Advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics
5. Context-rich systems
6. Smart machines
7. Cloud/client computing

Many businesses are already moving their entire process to the cloud. This trend will only improve.

8. Software-defined applications and infrastructure
9. Web-scale IT (Information Technology)
10. Risk-based security and self protection


In my opinion, by far the best takeaway from the Infographic was this: “There will be a 500% increase of digital jobs in 5 years.”

This is fantastic news for a struggling economy and for people looking for work. The never ending demand for skilled professionals is just one of the things that makes the tech industry great. However, new solutions will have to be developed for job candidates potentially competing with robots or software that can replace them.

I actually think mobile devices will not only double but triple in five years. Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days. More and more businesses are also moving to mobile tech for their employees. I’m not sure if they’re putting these trends in order of importance, but security concerns should be higher on the list. The recent large scale hacks of many high profile corporations is putting a premium on cyber security. What trends might they have missed?

By Jason Sander

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