Cloud Infographic: Security And DDoS

Security, Security, Security!!

Get use to it as we'll be hearing more and more of this in the coming years. Collaborative security efforts from around the world must start as sometimes it feels there is a sense of Fait Accompli, that it's simply too late to feel safe in this digital age. We may not be able to completely fix the issues with security prevention, but we can do a much better job recognizing patterns before disaster strikes. There does however need to be a more globally concerted effort in order to make this work. At this time, there are simply too many security companies working independently as opposed to really challenging this issue together.

This morning, we've come across an infographic found over at Black Lotus covering one of the more terrifying areas of security – DDoS. We've all heard about it, and many have had the misfortune of being a victim of it.

Some of their findings:

  • 61 percent of providers feel that DDoS is a threat to their businesses.
  • Only 16 percent of the providers surveyed indicated that they had been rarely or never hit by a DDoS attack.
  • The top three industries with customers affected by DDoS attacks are managed hosting solutions (MHS), voice over IP (VoIP) and platform as a service (PaaS).
  • In case of a DDoS attack, 34 percent of the surveyed providers remove the targeted customer, and 52 percent temporarily null route or block the problem customer.
  • 64 percent of PaaS providers have been impacted by DDoS.
  • 56 percent of MHS providers have been impacted by DDoS.
  • 52 percent of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers have been impacted by DDoS
  • Black-Lotus_Service


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