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Cloud Pinup: HappyApps Streamlines Application and System Monitoring

HappyApps New Monitoring Experience

This is part of our ongoing CloudTweaks Pinup series featuring new startups. Contact us for more information on how to get involved. 

Happyapps.io is a young yet promising start-up that provides cloud-based, real-time monitoring services for applications across a wide range of platforms. Founded in 2015, the company is a newcomer to the application management game – a game which has seen fierce competition since 2013. In fact, the sheer volume of companies attempting to create their own monitoring services has proven overwhelming for a number of businesses; businesses which, for the most part, are still looking for a clean and simple way to monitor the services and applications which lie at the core of their business.

happyapps.ioThe foremost issue with the current big players in the system monitoring game isn’t their capability – as far as effective and accurate monitoring of applications goes, the big names (companies like Nagios, New Relic, SolarWinds etc.) are more than capable of carrying out this task. The issue is with the clutter and usability.

A well-known problem with certain monitoring companies is the sheer number of notifications that the service sends out. In fact, it is not uncommon for a user to receive upwards of 200 email alerts per day, the majority of which are, for the most part, unnecessary. Such notifications are generally repeating issues that have already been identified, and as such are entirely redundant. Unfortunately, this means that significant energy must be expended to sift through the pile of notifications in an effort to identify the ones which are genuine.


Most often, the fault of monitoring systems is that they provide their users with floods of raw data – data which requires some degree of technical knowledge to interpret. While high-level software developers and engineers may find this useful, many users are simply not interested. What users really need is a system that provides status reports in a readable, easy-to-consume fashion. The user wants a report detailing whether or not the core systems are performing to the required expectations, not a mountain of graphs representing CPU usage, memory, IO, etc…

That is exactly where HappyApps has focused their approach. Providing a next-generation cloud-based monitoring service, they deliver real-time status updates for core applications, databases, and information systems. HappyApps has the capability to monitor systems over a variety of clouds (including Amazon), where the complexity of data from a multitude of sources is processed and presented in an incredibly user-friendly, understandable format.

Users have the ability to create an easy-to-understand dashboard, where the overall status is visible in real-time across all of their application services. Monitoring checks across a wide variety of systems (including MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Web Servers, and many more) can be set up quickly and easily, with the ability to set up and customize groups that can collectively monitor the applications.

Best of all, HappyApps was designed with sophisticated noise reduction technology, ensuring that all notifications that are sent out are meaningful. No more false positives, and no more group incidents that repeatedly send out the same notification.

By Vanja Daskalovic

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