Building And Selling Cloud Apps In A Mobile World

Building And Selling Your Cloud Apps

Increasing Sales By Empowering Customers 


SAP has condensed their sales research with How to Get Your Sales Mojo Back – And Win the Empowered Buyer.

Companies need to meet the needs of their consumers to stay relevant, and SAP’s analysis of changes that impact sales teams suggest that customer expectation is the most important. Customers want sales reps with industry knowledge and expertise, who can solve their business objectives using the company’s resources. Businesses that don’t align themselves with customer needs lose sales and support – SAP provides an analysis of how best to meet these needs, and looks at targeting customers who deliver the most value, discovering what customers care about, guiding customers through the buying journey, and going the extra mile.

And for every need, there is an app. Or there will be an app, soon. Very few of us live off the IT grid, and though we’re constantly handing over a wealth of personal information to nameless, faceless organizations through social media and the latest ‘free’ app available for download, most of us scoff at the conspiracy theorists. If the Daily Dot is to be believed, artificial intelligence might not just be the sci-fi theme of the moment; then again, it might be. Transcendence is still just a movie.

So though you won’t be able to restaff your entire customer support center with friendly, all-knowing robots any time soon, you can make sure your business is plugged in and taking advantage of top consumer trends. Pew Research Center reports that 64% of American adults own smartphones, and for many of them it’s their primary connection to the internet. Smartphone users are using their devices to bank, research jobs and find services, and savvy businesses are taking advantage of this behavior.

Smart Phones

Appian’s free eBook, What Makes a Great Business App, is a concise look at the three attributes great business apps have. Apps can provide unique functionality to help customers engage with your business, but unless they’re up to date, they may be dragging you down.

Custom apps need to be easy if they’re going to impact well. Appian suggests that unless your apps are easy to build, easy to use, and easy to change, they’ll never reach their potential. Making sure your app can move seamlessly with new innovations and engage your customers easily gives you an advantage. And your apps need to be powerful, too. They need to address complex and straight-forward challenges alike, while behaving according to user requirements, with strong security to protect sensitive data. Finally, your apps must be unified. Apps operating independently constantly need to be updated, reconfigured and integrated. If one of your apps is created in a vacuum, ignoring the functionality provided by other apps, you’re losing valuable potential. Building your apps on a platform that links them to the core of your business and to each other will make them easier to use and more powerful.

By Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann is an experienced writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in writing and performance arts. She has studied further in both the design and mechanical engineering fields, and worked in a variety of areas including market research, business and IT management, and engineering. An avid technophile, Jen is intrigued by all the latest innovations and trending advances, and is happiest immersed in technology.

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