Cloud Infographic: The Future of File Storage

 The Future of File Storage

A multi-billion dollar market

Data storage has been readily increasing for decades. In 1989, an 8MB Macintosh Portable was top of the range; in 2006, the Dell Inspiron 6400 became available, boasting 160GB; and now, we have the ‘Next Generation’ MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage built in. But, of course, these are just laptop computers, what about the advancement of other mediums?

Vinyls have become iPods, the VHS has been replaced by blu-ray discs, and the atari is a distant memory when pitted against the capabilities of new consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

With all of this evidence from the past, it’s clear to see that file storage is a multi-billion dollar market.

But, what does the future of file storage hold?

Well, according to Asset Bank, we can expect major developments in the very near future – and some of them are quite difficult to wrap your head around!

For example, in the future we will be able to store data in our DNA! Through recent scientific breakthroughs, it has been discovered that just 1 gram of DNA can hold 455 exabytes! That’s enough room for all of the data held by Google and Facebook, with plenty of room to spare.

To find out more about the fascinating future of file storage, check out the infographic below:

5 Takeaway Points

  • The amount of data currently held by the cloud is equal in length to 6,900 trips to the moon
  • It is predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018
  • DataSTICKIES – file storage drives that look and feel like sticky notes – will replace the chunky USBs we currently use
  • Cassette tapes will be making a comeback in the near future and will have the capacity to hold 3,700x more data than a blu-ray disc
  • Liquid hard drives will be able to store up to one terabyte in a tablespoon of liquid


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