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Big Data and Mobility 

The number of mobile users have increased tremendously in recent years and people are heavily relying on the smartphone and other mobile gadgets for their daily tasks too. Searching on the web is fast becoming an entire mobile activity. Enterprises are now counting on the mobility trends to make an impact and find a niche to affect their market positively and to the benefit of their bottomline.

Big data has spawned a huge market in recent times with IDC statistics revealing that the big data market is growing sporadically yet tremendously after 2015. Data is expected to grow at an exponential rate. Mobility will drive the incidence of multiple innovations to manage data too. IoT and automation are affecting our gadgets and the things we use. With smart mobility doing the rounds and about 5 billion people calling, texting, and tweeting worldwide, one can expect multiple trends to spring out from the scenario.


(Infographic Source: Dell)

Handling Data

It is becoming very clear for data analysts that statistics and the burgeoning amount of data is going to be difficult to handle. Businesses are finding the storage of data to be quite cumbersome owing to the rate at which enterprises are churning out information and with strict retention policies in place; one can actually start to feel the pressure.

By Juned Ahmed

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