5 Exciting Startups From The Netherlands

Promising Netherland Startups

The Netherlands, considered one of the most prominent startup arenas in Europe, provides an environment focused on strong education coupled with a formidable tech infrastructure, and both encourages and rewards entrepreneurs. Though the Dutch government recognizes the limits of their small country, it urges startups to dream big, develop their businesses in the U.S., and finally spread back through Europe. Says Neelie Kroes, special envoy for Dutch startups, “For quite some time we’ve had an open and very transparent attitude, being Dutch, because we are a tiny country.” This approach may encourage local startups to flee the Netherlands, but also instills a sense of loyalty in these aspiring entrepreneurs, as evidenced by Founded In Holland, a portal promoting innovative startups that are proud of their Dutch roots.

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5 Exciting Startups from the Netherlands


First on the list, AppSignal’s monitoring software helps users improve their own software and ensure customer satisfaction. This solution catches errors, enabling developers to fumigate bugs, monitors performance for detailed lag investigation, and tracks performance issues and queue times for Resque, Sidekiq, and Delayed Job. AppSignal monitors Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape, and Rack, and further provides the option to create your own integration.


Resocializing money,” bunq promises that tech offers the solution to bad loans, empowering users to focus on what they do with their money. They believe that profiting on interest is ethically wrong, and ensure that all money is securely stored at the Central Bank. Their app lets users easily split restaurant bills with friends, link cards to team accounts when necessary, and all the app services are provided entirely free of charge.


The “affordable Data Nerd” that is Datatrics works around the clock to help organizations understand their customers, perform key actions immediately, and be more relevant. With detailed Next Best Actions, users need never miss a marketing opportunity, and the automatic personalized content ensures company relevance. Amplifying data with predictive properties, customer communication is improved and expanded.


Early access sign up is now open for this new social productivity tool. With tech and automation leaving user free to focus on less mundane tasks, get creative, and enjoy more private time, the Floown platform takes control of scheduling by sharing and synchronizing a user’s on and off hours with connected organizations. Instantly presenting a real-time overview of available connections, Floown makes scheduling a breeze.

Go Weekly

Transforming trends and ideas into tangible product concepts, this startup helps companies “innovate smarter”. The Go Weekly tool enables users to take advantage of promising ideas immediately, ensuring the necessary knowledge is acquired, and vital goals are set, before important branding and sharing go ahead. Says Alberto Savola, “Make sure – as quickly and as cheaply as you can – that you are building the right it before you build it right.

By Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann is an experienced writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in writing and performance arts. She has studied further in both the design and mechanical engineering fields, and worked in a variety of areas including market research, business and IT management, and engineering. An avid technophile, Jen is intrigued by all the latest innovations and trending advances, and is happiest immersed in technology.

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