Real-time Communications - Voice, Messaging, Video or Collaboration

Real-time Communications – Voice, Messaging, Video or Collaboration

The Communications Cloud As more and more real-time communications – whether voice, messaging, video or collaboration – move to distributed software and cloud infrastructure, the management and security of real-time services becomes increasingly complex. Enterprises are moving to a zero-trust security posture, which means that every
Why Isn’t There a US GDPR?

Why Isn’t There a US GDPR?

US GDPR Recently, I was reading an article from The Hartford on how to protect business income. The Hartford recommends something that seems like a no-brainer to anyone who has ever heard of the cloud — meaning just about anyone doing business today. According to
cloud hosting for startups

Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World

Hybrid Cloud Management

Recent reports have suggested that major organizations are making use of hybrid clouds to gain a competitive edge, with one study finding two-thirds of surveyed organizations employing hybrid clouds noting competitive advantages due directly to their hybrid environments. With today’s hybrid environments including physical and cloud data centers, legacy systems, open source and licensed applications and infrastructure components, and a variety of cloud-based services, the hybrid cloud environment holds both opportunity and challenge. Finding the right hybrid provider, however, is only the very start of this journey, while employing suitable monitoring processes can ensure the successful management of an organization’s hybrid cloud. Savision’s research, The Challenges of Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World analyzes the different forces driving adoption and deployment of hybrid cloud architectures, and suggests strategies for overcoming IT management challenges herein.

Managing the Hybrid Cloud

Already a choice of 3rd party vendors exists providing systems for managing hybrid environments though there is a distinct lack of interoperability standards for managing hybrid clouds. Savision proposes a strategy for managing hybrid cloud and highlights some key areas to be considered.

Monitoring and Management

Generally, monitoring systems for each area of IT system management fall into one of three distinct groups. End-user monitoring ensures appropriate levels of service are being met; application layer monitoring tests service levels for each separate application; and infrastructure monitoring helps organizations avoid large-scale outages due to infrastructure component failures. These monitoring systems all need to quickly assimilate new data and systems, integrate with service management platforms for efficiency, incorporate business contexts, and deliver relevant and necessary performance communication to stakeholders.

Solutions that Provide a Holistic View

The range of user groups of these monitoring systems is as diverse as the expertise of each team. Operators include operational technicians, infrastructure owners, business application owners, and senior IT leaders to name a few, and left uncontrolled monitoring systems can quickly multiply as each role has systems tailored to their specific functions. Managing these multiple systems via one holistic view of the entire environment is something management vendors have long promised.

Savision suggests that successful systems combine data from best of breed monitoring systems, analyze it, and then communicate it to the relevant audiences. This tactic allows for:

  • Close integration with the IT Service Management system.
  • Business impact measurement wherein the bearing of outages are understood, and the financial impact of systems is appreciated.
  • Appropriate communication to the right people.

Businesses best able to harness the potential of cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT, and open source software are in far stronger competitive positions and more likely to succeed, but managing these hybrid environments shouldn’t be underestimated.

By Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann is an experienced writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in writing and performance arts. She has studied further in both the design and mechanical engineering fields, and worked in a variety of areas including market research, business and IT management, and engineering. An avid technophile, Jen is intrigued by all the latest innovations and trending advances, and is happiest immersed in technology.


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