Next-Gen Learning Platforms

We are in the midst of an eLearning revolution, the growth of next -gen learning technology is not only changing the game, but it’s also altering our perception of how we learn. One of the primary drivers behind this surge in the learning technology sector is preK-12 education. In 2015 primary academic institutions invested almost $5 billion dollars into new learning platforms.

The growth in the preK-12 sector can be largely attributed to the advance of new “virtual schools” and the popularity of home-based education according to the Education Technology Network. Additionally with the continuing expansion of online universities and online options from existing universities and colleges the need for learning technology that can meet the demands of the online learner is continually expanding.

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A sector that was once dominated by a few large players now finds itself awash in new start-up companies offering new and highly advanced technology that can outpace the older platforms. The shift of the LMS sector from a solution for large-scale business needs to creating platforms for a market that encompasses everything from businesses to pre-k institutions has opened up a world of opportunity for developers.

This resurgence in online learning technology is still in the early stages, the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality is growing, imagine that instead of reading about Paris, you are walking around in the Louvre immersed in the French culture in a way never before possible. The combination of gaming and learning technology is already here, and the market is poised to have its best year of growth since inception.

With the interest in scalability and personalized learning options expanding, according to findings from Gartner, the education learning sector will continue its impressive expansion. As we evolve our understanding of learning and teaching, this industry is poised to continue to be a leader in new technologies.

By Jenny Kelley


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