When we think about cryptographic keys, we tend to think about closely guarded secrets. Keys are the only thing that keeps the attacker away from your encrypted data. Some keys are usually treated with the appropriate level of respect. Security professionals in the payments industry, or those that have deployed a PKI, know all too well about the importance... 

Richard Moulds

The Rise Of Threat Intelligence Sharing

Threat Intelligence Sharing 

Security has been discussed often on CloudTweaks and for good reason. It is one of the most sought after topics of information in the technology industry.  It is virtually impossible to wake up and not read a headline that involves the words “Breached, Hacked, Compromised or Extorted (Ransomware)“.

Included (below) is an infographic discovered via the Alienvault Blog which highlights some interesting research findings.

  • Security professionals stated that they share threat intelligence with trusted peers (56%), internally (47%), with government agencies (28%), publicly (18%) and with crowdsourced/Open Source platforms (15%).
  • The largest jump has been in the adoption of crowdsourced platforms for threat intelligence sharing, which increased by almost five times since last year. This trend will continue to escalate as confidence in threat sharing platforms increases and as the trusted peer groups of security professionals expands.


The nature of the security industry has been extremely secretive, so it’s very encouraging to see that more people are utilizing different sources and are willing to more openly share threat intelligence,” said Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault. “Malicious criminals innovate quickly, and the more our industry can achieve a similar level of agility through cooperation and collaboration, the more we can create a powerful collective defense against today’s advanced threats. Public threat intelligence sources, such as AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange, enable even the smallest IT departments to leverage the collective knowledge of a global network of security experts to better identify, respond to and mitigate threats. We hope to see continued trust in these sources…”

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